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Hi everyone!   My name is Dr. Michael L. Johnson and I am a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist. I want to tell you right up front, You Can Beat Cancer – yes, you can and my new book, You Can Beat Cancer…Naturally!, will be released on October 12, 2012.


My goal with every cancer patient is to get to the cause!  You really need to get down to the nitty-gritty. So what is the cause?  The cause could likely be a poor or improperly functioning immune system. If you watch my main Cancer, I explain how there are two parts to your immune system, TH1 and TH2, and they have to be in balance.  I also describe all of the health breakers: inflammation; autoimmune disorders, blood glucose issues, anemia, and many others. The cancer patient has usually been sick for a long time with these “health breakers” and now, they have a new label…CANCER!  I would highly recommend that you study the video a few times because there is a lot of information that I share with you!  If you suffer from any type of cancer, the bottom line is that you want to balance or improve your immune system, detoxify your body and decrease the inflammation in your body. We all have cancer in our bodies BUT our immune system nips it in the bud.  That is if you have a healthy functioning immune system. I have never been diagnosed with cancer but there are cancer cells in my body, and my immune system destroys them before they can develop into full-blown cancer. Does that make sense? Because that is how it works.


You can ask, “What causes a poor, or improperly functioning immune system?”  In a word…toxins.   If you go to my Maximum Healing video series, in Video #77, I describe in detail our toxic overload. Let me cover the different types of toxins briefly here…there are EMFs or electromagnetic fields from televisions, computers, and cell phones. You receive EMFs every time that you go to the grocery store and the automatic doors open and the cashier scans your items.  There are silver amalgams in our dental work where mercury is leaching out of the filling and into our body. I have had all of my amalgam fillings removed as has everyone in my family. I do not want cancer!!!  There are household chemicals, cleaners, detergents that contain toxins that adversely affect our body. If you have a local dry-cleaner that you use weekly or monthly, there are many toxic chemicals in your clothing. There are chemicals in our carpets, furniture, mattresses and in our cookware.  Have you ever heard of Teflon? It is not good for you because it’s toxic. Remember the WearEver cookware?  It is all aluminum and it’s not good for you because it’s toxic. There are pesticides and herbicides in our lawn and on our food. I no longer use the lawn service that I had two or three years ago, because it was all chemicals. I now use a local organic lawn company.  Granted, my yard does not look as nice, but so what? I would rather not have cancer. As you will see on my videos, “what you see is what you get!”  I am walking the talk. My family and I only consume organic food because in our food supply, there are hormones, antibiotics and other medications.   I practice in Appleton, WI and a while back, there was a huge controversy in our state over the use of bovine growth hormone in dairy products.  That is when my family and I stopped using dairy.  Gluten, dairy and soy are three of the biggest causes of inflammation in the body and if you add in rBGH, it is a toxic mix that I want to avoid. GMO or genetically modified food and hybridized food rob the body of energy.  Other toxins are possible issues with mold, especially black mold,  and one of the doctors that I teach almost died from toxic black mold exposure.  Then there is plastic. Whoever heard of BPA until a few years ago when they said it is toxic? And now they are telling us that it is everywhere not just in plastic bottles!   How about personal care products?   How many women use make-up that is loaded with toxins? Please, I implore you, do your own research, look on the internet and find out for yourself.  Deodorant is another issue. I stopped using deodorant with aluminum in it a long time ago. I now use a product from Premier Research Labs. I use their deodorant it is something called Ozene Gel.  Please, I implore you, do your own research, look on the internet and find out for yourself. You do not have to believe a word I say, check it out for yourself.  My only goal with all of my videos is to educate.  Deodorant is another issue. I stopped using deodorant with aluminum in it a long time ago. I now use a product from Premier Research Labs. I use their deodorant it is something called Ozene Gel.



Again, no one is ever cancer free. When I say you can BEAT cancer, I am saying that your immune system has run amuck, it is not working properly, and as a result you can get it back in balance and THAT is what is going to give you your greatest chance at healing!  I am telling you that it is your innate ability to heal!  It is your own body that heals. When you cut yourself or when you have surgery, it is not the ointment, or the gauze or the dressing that heals the cut; it is your own innate body or your innate intelligence that does the healing. Right now, at this very second, you are not telling your liver how to work. You are not telling your stomach how to digest your food. You are not telling your pancreas how much insulin to secrete, because you just had a chocolate chip cookie. That is what I mean by an innate ability to HEAL. We all have cancer cells in our body like circulating tumor cells and cancer stem cells, but our immune system nips it in the bud before it can develop into full-blown cancer. What do you need to do? You need to detoxify your body, decrease the inflammation in your body, and increase the function of your immune system. Watch my videos up above, heck, watch all of my videos and learn how to help yourself!  Remember, if you want to address cancer using natural protocols, proper testing is a MUST!



Here is an interesting email that I received.  Please keep in mind that I get hundreds of emails. My email address is  You are welcome to email me. I try to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. If you do not hear from me within 48 hours, send me another email say, “Hey, Dr. Johnson I emailed you. You did not get back to me.” Anyway, this gentleman writes, “Dr. Johnson you mention a couple of different kinds of testing in your videos, Testing for Beta Glucan benefit is what test?” For everyone who may or may not know, Beta Glucan is a mushroom and it is a TH1 stimulator, which is good if you are TH2 dominant. Most cancer patients are TH2 dominant. Again, go to the Main cancer video up above where I discuss it in detail. My answer to that first question was…with all nutritional protocols, both lab testing and kinesiology must be performed. It has to be both. It cannot be one or the other. I am amazed at how many people are zeroed in on the lab tests, or they are zeroed in on the muscle testing. It HAS to be both together.


The gentleman continues…“I have been taking Beta Glucan for a while before seeing your videos, along with B17 ( B17 is Laetrile and it is not legal in the United States, but outside the United States it is legal.  In the United States you can eat apricot seeds which is how you are allowed to use it.) and doing metabolic enzyme therapy and hyperthermia.” These are all good things, but listen to my response to this gentleman…


“My question to you is this, how do you know those natural protocols are best for your individual condition? How do you know? How do you know that your body is getting the maximum benefit from these natural protocols? How do you know? Did you read it out of a book, or on the internet? How do you know that some other natural protocol might not help your body heal better or faster?”


My answer…You can ONLY tell via lab testing and kinesiology. It is not one or the other. It is a combination of both, along with, as I mention in my videos above, organic juicing; coffee enemas; use of the Rife machine, etc.  Speaking of the Rife machine, I do not accept any cancer patient under my care unless they are willing to use the Rife machine and sleep with it as I do myself. Why do I sleep with a Rife machine?  Because I do not want cancer and I have autoimmune conditions like MS and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis so the Rife is helping me. Please go to the links in the upper right hand corner, they are all in black print and click on “The Rife Machine.”  Watch all three of the videos on the Rife and decide for yourself if you feel it would be of benefit.   Frankly, I use lot of these natural cancer protocols on my non-cancer patients.  These are patients with autoimmune conditions thyroid disorders, fibromyalgia, IBS, diabetes heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic pain syndrome.


O.K., back to the email…The gentleman continues…“If you use muscle testing for Beta Glucan and you are already taking it, won’t your body read that you don’t need it since you are not deficient?”


This is how I responded…No, your body is going to know what it wants and what it does not want. How do you know? You do both tests. You can’t just rely on muscle testing.  It has to be both.


Even if you did solely rely on muscle testing and the Beta Glucans were not the best supplement for your body, the muscle testing will still tell you if it is the best product for your individual condition. There are some practitioners that solely rely on muscle testing and they do not perform or take into account any lab work which I feel is a huge mistake. There are some practitioners that only rely on lab testing, and that is another huge mistake. You have to use an integrated approach!



Obviously, this gentleman did not look at my Live Cancer Workshop or my Main Cancer video, where I go into all of the testing which consists of a complete metabolic panel, not a basic metabolic panel; a complete thyroid panel, not just your TSH; a complete lipid panel; a CBC with autodifferential which breaks down the white and red blood cells; Cyrex testing for gluten reactivity, your gut function, cross-reactive foods; ASI checking your adrenal glands, it is called an Adrenal Stress Index; 2105 stool microbial, looking at what, looking to see if you have parasites or h-pylori or fungi or mold; and an organic acid test. I just spoke to a lady this morning and she has a son who has a brain tumor.  She is giving him B12 and B17, again it’s Laetrile, so he is eating apricot pits. That is all well and good but what if you are not digesting the B vitamins? This is WHY she needs to run the organic acid test on him.  I currently have a skin cancer patient that was doing the Budwig Detox program which consists of eating cottage cheese with flax seed oil.  We ran an Organic Acid test on her and she was not digesting her fats so the Budwig program was doing NOTHING for her!


The Organic Acid test is a urine test that will tell you B complex metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, energy metabolism markers, fatty acid metabolism, neurotransmitter readings and detoxification panels. There are people recommending the Budwig detox protocol to cancer patients but they do not even know if the cancer patients are absorbing their fatty acids. Instead or reading something on the internet or listening to a good friend, my recommendation is to get tested!  Get tested via lab work and kinesiology to find out what is happening with your body.


Finally, let’s talk about the immune system a bit.   There is a blood test to determine if you are TH1 or TH2 dominant.  It’s called a T & B Lymphocyte panel.  Most doctors know how to run it but some don’t so I will explain it.   If you are TH2 dominant, you are going to have something in your blood work called interleukin-4  (IL-4) and interleukin-10 (IF-10).  If the blood work shows that those markers are high, you are TH2 dominant.  Again, the vast majority of cancer patients are TH2 dominant.   If you are TH1 dominant, TNF Alpha, and interleukin-2 (IF-2) will be increased. This is the TNB lymphocyte panel.


Being diagnosed with cancer is not a death sentence!  This fact should be your mantra!


Watch the main cancer video and review the “How To Apply For The Cancer Program.”  If you would like to work with us, you can call our office at 920-739-6971. I get a lot of calls and I do not accept every patient, I only accept those patients that I truly feel that I can help.  If this is something that you are interested in exploring, we need to do a consultation first to see if you are a fit for me, and/or if I am a fit for you. There are different cancer support options and my staff can email you the forms which explain exactly what is included in a consultation, how we are going to review your case and your labs, and the cancer support program options. People who are distance patients or they live outside of the driving area to our office in Appleton, Wisconsin, can ideally come here to the office at least once.  Unfortunately, there are patients that are either too sick to travel or they do not have the finances so we can work with them over Skype or over the phone. Then there are different programs, six, twelve or twenty-four months and my staff can get you that information. If you have a question, you can email me, As stated, I get a lot of email and if I do not return your email within 24 to 48 hours, resend it please.  Cancer is literally life and death and if you watch the videos, you can see what I went through with my mom and how I was looking for hope, and empowerment. To me, empowerment is knowledge and options and hopefully, that is what all of my videos will provide for you.  God Bless You! —Dr. Michael L. Johnson